Gamer geek turned mutated human along with mental powers.


“What happened to the town? What the HELL happened to you guys?!”

Hair: Bright Red
Eyes: Gamma Green
Height: 6’0"
Build: (Look at Pic)
Clothes: Faded denim jacket, dark red t-shirt, jeans, sneakers
Weapons: Katana from the store (yes, they really have one) and a Bow he found during the exploration of the parking lot of the store

Motivation: Finding out what happened while protecting his friends throughout this journey and cutting anyone down who gets in the way.

Mutations: Primary— Engineered, Human. Secondary— Mind Coercer

Pages: Journal of a Ginger and The Trek Home


Before the…whatever it is that happened…Kirk was just a average 20 something guy who worked at a restaurant and hung out with his friends at a local comic book store. He normally spends his days either at work, with his friends, or in his head. Then something happened…one day, while hanging out with his friends at the shop everything went black as they all passed out. When everyone awoke they discovered the town was in ruins and everyone was mutated to some degree! For some reason, Kirk remained human but was granted with increased abilities and mental powers. His friends were not so lucky to be blessed with that though some looked somewhat human at least. Who knows, maybe through the groups travels of the ruined city, Kirk might actually find someone to be with…given she might be a cockroach now. Heh. So he hefted his sword onto his back and started his and the groups journey to discover what exactly happened to the town…hopefully it’s only happened to this town.


Alas, poor Huntsville Skarekrow19