The Trek Home

Kirk’s journey home……

After catching up with his friends outside of New York City, and roasting that damn chicken and eating it with his companions, Kirk says his farewells to the group. Kirk first walks up to Thomas, “Tom, take care of them while I’m gone man…they need a leader now more than ever.” Walks over to Jarin, “Jarin…take care.” Kirk puts his hand on Jarin’s shoulder and spoke into his mind, “Please take care of her man.” Without waiting for a response, Kirk walks over to Sara. “Sara…I…I’ll miss you. Please take care.” After his words were said, Kirk gathers his things and heads off west down the road…towards his new home, and his hopefully still alive family.

Part 1: The First Steps

Kirk traveled for awhile down the road until he spotted a parking lot with a lone car in it. Surprisingly, the car started and managed to drive down the road…finally something was going Kirk’s way on this journey. The car took him far, took him from the outskirts of NYC all the way to half way into Indiana. Kirk was impressed, but he couldn’t siphon fuel anymore since he ran out of filled vehicles. So, Kirk continued his journey on foot. After hours of travel, Kirk came across a town. The entrance sign said ‘Galveston,IN’. The population number was scratched out and replaced with a single tally. Kirk thought nothing of the sign and kept walking towards the town. As he approached the town, Kirk spotted a water tower at the middle of the town. The sun hit the tower and a shine came from it…the shine of a gun! When he realized that, Kirk heard a single shot from a firearm…the bullet whizzed right by him. Without anymore hesitation, Kirk bolted for the nearest cover, which was in the town. So he ran towards the gun fire, so much for an easy journey. Kirk managed to dodge bullets here and there, but one was coming straight for him. But, as soon as it got within an inch of him it bounced off…thank higher powers for force field mutations! After his lucky break, Kirk continued to ran into the town dodging bullets left and right. Eventually he made it to the base of the water tower. “This ends now!” With that Kirk jumped onto the ladder of the water tower and quickly climbed up the tower. After a few seconds of climbing, Kirk reached the top of the tower. He quickly drew his sword and pointed it towards a figure on the top of the tower. A man wearing a red shirt, black vest, khaki pants, and a cowboy hat stood in front of him with his arms raised. “Easy there mate, I meant no harm.” Kirk stared at him, “You…shot…at me!” The man slowly scratched his head, “Sorry bout that, that you was one of the pigs.” “Pigs?” With that a sound of a car came to both Kirk’s and the man’s ears. The man looked down the road to see a Humvee roaring down the road towards the town, the man hooked his thumb in the direction of the vehicle, “Yeah, one of them grade A friendlies.”

The Humvee stopped right in front of the town and the driver and passenger stepped out, they were pig-people. Kirk had only heard stories, now he wished they had just stayed stories…they were, to put it kindly, not kind on the eyes. The driver pig looked up at the tower and spat words at the man, “Flynn! The Boss wants this piss-hole of a town now! His patience is running out!” The man, Flynn, clinched his fists and ran to the railing of the tower and yelled down to the pig, “Listen here you Porkers, you will never take this town as long as I have air in my lungs and a bullet in my rifle!” The Porkers seemed displeased with Flynn’s comment, that would explain why they drew their pistols and open fired at the tower. Flynn took cover on the other side of the tower along with Kirk. Kirk smiled, “Nice friends you have here.” Flynn smirked and loaded his rifle, “Yeah, great pals, now help me kill them please.” Before Kirk could even say anything else, Flynn quickly handed him a second rifle along with plenty of ammo for it. As soon as the Porkers fire ceased, Flynn popped himself out of cover and fired at one of the pigs. The Porker’s head exploded in a bloody mess. After Flynn fired, Kirk popped out and fired at the other pig. The Porker’s leg snapped in half from the bullet and the thing went down in pain and blood. Kirk tried to fire again but he didn’t realize it was a bolt action rifle, but before he could pull back the bolt the Porker had already pulled out a flare gun and fired it into the air. “Shit,” Flynn swore as he buried a bullet into the Porker’s chest. Kirk held the rifle against his hip, “Well, that wasn’t so bad now.” Flynn’s face looked grim, “Well that’s good ’cause there are more Porkers coming, practically an army.” Kirk looked shocked, “Well…I guess we better start building fortifications then before they come.”

It didn’t take long for Flynn and Kirk to see the smog from the Porker army’s vehicles in the sky, but it would be hours before they arrived. Both Flynn and Kirk pushed broken cars and rubble into the entrance of the town to form a blockade along with a turret they acquired from the Humvee from the Porkers. Kirk managed to siphon fuel from several of the cars in town and hoped to survive to use it for his car. Along with the stock-pile of rifles and ammo, Flynn also revealed a catapult he had discovered from the towns museum. After hours of setting up, Flynn and Kirk were finally ready for the assault…it was good too since the Porkers were right outside the town. There must of been at least twenty vehicles all armed to the teeth with turrets and Porkers. Flynn took nest up in the water tower while Kirk nested himself on the barricade in the entrance of the town. Kirk looked up to Flynn to see when the firing should start but when he did, Flynn fired his rifle. His bullet hit one of the Porker vehicles’ tires and flipped the thing over and over until it came to a stop. With that Kirk began picking off targets as well. Each bullet hit home, but there were just too many targets. The vehicles were getting closer towards the town, and that’s when Kirk yelled up to Flynn, “NOW!” With that, Flynn yanked on a cord of rope near his foot. With the yank of the rope, the catapult launched its ammo, four gas cans with homemade grenades duck-taped around them. Both Flynn and Kirk tracked the explosive with their scopes. The explosive landed just a few feet in front of the charging vehicles, Flynn fired at the explosive. Flynn missed! Without hesitation, Kirk fired and hit dead on target. The explosive went off, the vehicles all around the thing instantly flew from it with deadly force as they exploded and killed all inside them. Before Kirk could take a breath though, a lone armored Humvee roared through the fires of the explosion, it was charging right into the barricade! Kirk quickly threw himself away from barricade as the Humvee rammed through it. The Humvee stalled as it came out through the other side of the blockade, due to that its driver opened the door and came out. The Porker that came out must of been at least seven feet tall and he was all muscle. The giant Porker pulled out a mace of equal proportion to him from the Humvee. “You done wrecked my car there human, now you’ll pay.” With each foot fall, the ground seemed to shake beneath his weight. Kirk looked up at the massive Porker, “And who the hell are you, Porky Pig?” The Porker snorted at Kirk, “No, I be Boss Hog you skid-mark of a human.” Kirk laughed at the Porkers statement, that did not seem to make the Porker any less hostile though for his mace was coming down on Kirk as he laughed. Luckily Kirk rolled out of the way just in time. Boss Hog swung his mace wildly at Kirk over and over again, each swing Kirk easily dodged with his superior reflexes. Kirk swung with his sword at the Porker but his armor was too thick for his sword to be effective, so he just kept dodging Boss Hog’s swings. Kirk looked back, smiled, and kept dodging the mace swings as Boss Hog swing wilder and rushed forward, “Ugh! Stop moving and get dead!” With that Kirk jumped back and spread his arms open, “Then come and get me you over-grown pork-chop.” Boss Hog charged at Kirk, but before he could reach him he tripped and fell into something…the catapult! With a wave of his hand, Kirk pulled the rope and the catapult fired Boss Hog out of the town and onto the pavement outside.

After ridding themselves of the bodies and salvaging the weapons, Flynn and Kirk had a moments rest. Unfortunately Kirk had to continue his journey home. So, he wished Flynn luck in defending the town as he headed west toward his home in central Illinois. About two days of uneventful travel, Kirk was finally near his new home in Morton. As he walked down the streets he started to recognizing buildings here and there until he was finally on his home’s street. Kirk ran the short distance, eager to be home at last. The building was destroyed, like everything else….but there was a note on the door, and it was for Kirk.

Me and my associates have your family hostage. If you want to see them meet us at Sears Tower in Chicago. We will be waiting….
-An old friend

Kirk took the note and ripped it up, “Damn it! Looks like I’m not home just yet, not til they are safe and these lowlifes are dead.” With that Kirk loaded his gear back up and headed north for Chicago.

Part 2: The Fallen City and her inhabitants

After two days of travel, Kirk had arrived at Chicago. Even at the entrance to the city Kirk could clearly see Sears Tower, where his family was being kept. Kirk shifted his gear around, along with his rifle that Flynn gave to him, “Alright, lets finish this.” As he walked through the city, Kirk didn’t hear much except the wind. It was quiet, too quiet. Kirk almost expected zombies or aliens to show up, but nothing showed up. When Kirk neared the tower he started to hear something…people? Lucky for him, Kirk’s explorers instinct told him to sneak around just in case whoever it was was not friendly. His instinct was right, as Kirk peered around an abandoned building he saw them, Porkers. Must have been dozens of them. As Kirk was scanning the area a voice boomed across the land. “Attention peons! This is your superior speaking! Our guest should be arriving soon, so keep an eye out for him!” As the voice continued to give orders Kirk pondered to himself, “That voice….it sounds so familiar.” But Kirk had no time to stay and think, he had his family to rescue after all. After sneaking around a few more Porkers, Kirk managed to get to the tower’s base…or at least he could see it. The entrance was barricaded and manned with about twenty Porkers all armed very well. Kirk sighed, “Well..looks like I’ll be in for one hell of a fight.” As he grumbled to himself of the battle to come, Kirk climbed a ruined building and took cover behind some rubble. As he scanned the land a second time he noticed that all the structures around the tower formed some sort of makeshift rampart, they were all connected in some form or fashion. Kirk thought that was unusually organized for the Porkers but before he could think more on the matter, the voice boomed out again. For some reason, Kirk’s anger got the better of him and he managed to spot several loud speakers on the tower’s base and shot them all within seconds of each other. Unfortunately his shots drew the attention of the Porkers on the street below him.

Kirk smacked himself in the head over and over again, “Way to go genius.” He continued to berate himself as the rubble around him was pelted with gunfire from the Porkers below. “Okay, okay stay calm man, you can get yourself out of this.” As the Porkers continued to fire, more of the pigs pulled up in clunky motorcycles to join in on the firefight. At first Kirk was devastated to see more of the pigs but then he realized that their vehicles were a perfect target and distraction. Without a second thought, Kirk popped out of his cover and fired his rifle at a motorcycle. The bullet hit home and the vehicle and everything around it went up in flames, it also caused a chain reaction due to the other vehicles around it. With the explosion, Kirk took that precious time to bolt for the next building up top. He ran for all he was worth, which was a lot to him. He slid behind a sand bag, hopefully the Porkers never saw him move. Sure enough after those brief seconds, the Porkers unloaded on Kirk’s old cover. Kirk sighed relief as he caught his breath. Have to take them out soon, Kirk thought to himself. Kirk readied his rifle, popped out of cover, and fired several shots. All were kill-shots. As quickly he popped up, Kirk slid back into cover quickly followed by gunfire from the living Porkers. Before Kirk could make his next decision he heard a truck engine roar to life. Kirk managed to sneak a peek outside his cover to see a pickup truck swerve around a corner. The front of the truck was heavily armor plated along with a cow-catcher on the front. In the bed of the truck was a mounted turret with a Porker manning it, and it was pointing right at Kirk! Seconds later the turret open fired at Kirk’s cover, tearing it to sheds.

Luckily, Kirk dove to another sandbag pile as the fire continued. What Kirk didn’t notice when the truck was driving was that it was heading straight for the building he was in, and it was not stopping! The building shook for some reason that Kirk did not know, but he did notice the truck plowing through the other side. “Oh shit!” As Kirk realized what had just happened he started running for the next building. Kirk’s current building started to collapse underneath him, but he jumped for it and made it to the other building. Kirk spotted the truck swerving around for another ram into his new building. As the truck charged, Kirk focused his mind on the turret gunner. With a thought Kirk was now in control of the Porker. “Hey, why ain’t you firin, he’s right up there,” the driver of the truck screamed up at the turret gunner as he hit the gas, “Sorry…firing now,” the gunner said as the turret was aimed at the driver. Kirk closed his eyes as the firing continued and ripped through the driver and truck. Lucky for Kirk in the drivers last moments his body flung itself onto the steering wheel and crashed into the building next to Kirk’s, the building collapsed on top of the truck destroying it and the turret gunner. Kirk shook his head slightly," Whoa, been awhile since I’ve done that." After the rubble was clear, Kirk noticed that the tower’s front doors were opening and Porkers were pouring out of them. Kirk sighed yet again, “Great…just great.” After assessing the situation, Kirk noticed a box next to him. After opening it he discovered it was a box of grenades! Kirk smiled, “This will do.” Kirk took two grenades in his hands and stepped out of his cover. “You know what I’m in the mood for,” Kirk yelled at the Porkers as he pulled out the pins with his teeth, " BACON!" With that Kirk threw both grenades at the mass of Porkers and dove back into cover as they fired at him. Seconds later the grenades went off and took several Porkers with them. Kirk kept throwing grenade after grenade until he was down to his last one. He picked up the last one and placed it in his jacket pocket as he readied himself for more Porkers.

What appeared to be the last wave of Porkers came out of the tower, among them a taller, more muscular, and armored Porker. The armored Porker held a LMG in its arms and what looked like a massive cleaver on its back. The Porkers started opening fire on Kirk’s building as it was only two left of the tower’s ramparts. As Kirk was pulling out his last grenade he heard footsteps behind him, as he turned he discovered a Porker pointing a shotgun at him. Kirk sighed as the Porker pointed the gun at him, just as quickly though Kirk unsheathed his sword and shoved it through the Porkers throat. Unfortunately killing the Porker caused Kirk to be out of cover thus the other Porkers fired upon his position. Without much hesitation, Kirk grabbed the Porker he stabbed and began to flip him up and over him, taking Kirk along for the ride…the Porker would provide a nice bullet sponge for a short time. As Kirk flipped through the air with the Porker he noticed the Porker had two grenades attached to his belt. Kirk took one and pulled the pin on the other and shoved the Porker out of the building as Kirk landed on the floor back behind his sandbag cover. The Porkers kept firing as their fallen comrade landed beside them. Then the grenade went off. Kirk looked over the sandbags to discover that most of the Porkers were dead, except for the big one….of course. The armored Porker’s gun was destroyed but its cleaver was perfectly intact, that was probably why it pulled it out as it approached Kirk’s building. As Kirk stood up and readied himself, the armored Porker jumped up onto the building and landed right in front of Kirk. Kirk knew that his rifle was no good since the thing was armored so he dodged the things cleaver as it swung at him and then Kirk ran. Kirk pulled out his extra grenade and tossed it behind him as he continued to run towards the last building. As the grenade bounced towards the armored Porker, the thing swung the flat of its blade and swatted the grenade back at Kirk! The grenade flew over Kirk’s right shoulder and bounced off a wall and started bouncing towards him. “Oh triple shit!” Kirk was running towards the grenade, he did all he could to avoid certain death. His legs gave out as he slid beneath the grenade then his right leg came up and kicked the grenade back towards the armored Porker. Before the Porker could bat it back, the grenade detonated on impact on the things cleaver. “Wow, did not think that would work…so glad it did though,” Kirk exclaimed as he jumped up off the floor. But before he could start walking the armored Porker roared and rushed out of the smoke of the explosion to reveal that most of its armor was destroyed except for its riot helmet and cleaver. Kirk’s shoulders sagged as he saw the thing, “Oh come on, give me a fuckin break once in a while.” The Porker charged at Kirk with foam in its mouth. Kirk ran from the thing as fast as he could, jumping over sandbags here and there. As he ran Kirk noticed something, he was running out of building for the next building was the one that the truck had rammed into and destroyed thanks to Kirk’s mental powers.

As he realized this, Kirk pulled out his bow and arrow and managed to grab some rope. “Come on, come on….faster, faster,” Kirk yelled at himself as he tried to tie the rope around the arrow as fast as he could with the Porker chasing him. Seconds later, Kirk finished his rope-arrow thingy and fired it into the building that lay on the other side of the destroyed one. The arrow hit home on some wooden planks, hopefully they will hold. Without hesitation, Kirk shouldered his bow, grabbed the rope, and swung over the gap. As Kirk swung, the Porker lunged after him but missed and fell into the rubble below. Kirk hit a couple feet below the landing hard and then climbed up onto the last building, brushed himself off, and retrieved his arrow. He looked down at the rubble, “I really hope you are dead.” As if in response, the Porker roared, jumped out of the rubble and landed right in front of Kirk. Kirk sighed, “Of course you’re not dead, that would have been way to convenient.” The Porker roared again and Kirk ran for he could not fight the thing, it was way to powerful. Kirk jumped over a sandbag but then decided that he should not run anymore, “This is crazy, but I have to give it a shot,” he said as he drew his sword, turned around, and charged the Porker. Both the Porker and Kirk roared as they charged each other. As Kirk neared the Porker he threw his sword up at the things head…it missed and sunk into the ceiling above it. Kirk smiled as the thing swung its cleaver at him. Kirk jumped up, dodged the cleaver, and grabbed his sword. As Kirk grabbed his sword, he kicked at the Porker. The kick managed to pop the riot visor of the helmet up enough that Kirk pulled out his last grenade, pulled the pin out, and shoved the thing into the Porkers exposed mouth. As Kirk landed, sword in hand, he bolted for the edge of the building. He jumped off the building. Kirk then used his sword to slow the fall by stabbing it into the building. The sword trick worked enough to make the fall hurt less. As Kirk hit the ground, the building, and the Porker, exploded. Porker bits rained down from the building, luckily none hit Kirk. With a ragged breath Kirk walked towards the tower’s open doors. “Now…to find the dead man who has my family.”

Part 3: The Showdown

Thanks to Kirk’s massacre of the Porker army, Sears Tower was as empty as a hermit’s social life. For some reason the tower still had power, for example the elevators still worked. Kirk let a sigh out, “Finally, some easy travel.” Without much thought, Kirk stepped into the elevator. Before he could push any of the buttons, the top floor button lit up and the elevator started moving. As the elevator started moving the voice crackled on through a speaker in the room, “Finally, you have arrived…frankly, I was starting to worry that you had abandoned your family.” Kirk clinched his fists at the voice, “Then obviously you don’t know me very well, for I am here for them…and I intend to get them back.” The voice grew silent for a few floors then spoke up, “You know I control the elevator you’re in? I could just have it fall all the way back down or just trap you in there to suffocate or starve.” Kirk had not considered that, he did his best to hide his discomfort at the voices statement. “You are lucky though,” the voice spoke, “that I want you to reach the floor I am on.” After that the voice continued to taunt Kirk floor after floor. Kirk glanced to see how close he was, he was only half-way up the tower! After a couple more floors Kirk sighed and destroyed the speaker, “You talk to much, luckily I’ll shut you up when I get to you.” The elevator ride seemed to take forever for Kirk, but eventually he reached the top floor. The doors parted, Kirk stepped out of the elevator, and examined the room. On the far side of the room was a lone figure sitting in a chair, the figure was facing out the giant glass wall of the tower instead of Kirk. The figure stood up at Kirk’s arrival, “It’s about time….old friend.” The voice – it sounded so familiar to Kirk, but he just couldn’t place it with a face. The figure turned to Kirk, the figure’s face was then washed in the sunlight. Kirk took a step back, “You!”

The figure stood at about Kirk’s height, his build a little more athletic, his hair raven black, his eyes piercingly blue, and his smirk…pissed Kirk off. The words felt like a ton on Kirk’s tongue, “Sean…” As Kirk spoke, Sean gestured his hands out as he smirked, “Ah, so you do remember my name then pal, good that you’ve kept you’re memory then.” Kirk looked Sean dead in the eye, “Why did you take my family?” Sean shrugged and smiled, “Honestly, it was the only way to bring you to me since I had no idea where you were,” before Kirk could speak Sean held up his hand, “because I wanted you to come here so we can finally settle everything….to see who can win.” Kirk looked at his old friend confused, “All this just for a duel? And besides how do you know I’m even skilled like that?” Sean laughed, “Well you are obviously skilled since you slaughtered my guards out front….and I’ve heard tales from the south of you and your companions.” Kirk’s eyebrow arched, “From who?” Sean eyes opened slightly, “Oh! I had almost forgotten about him,” with that Sean snapped his fingers. A door on Sean’s side of the room opened and a young man dressed in a confederate soldier’s uniform stepped out. Sean pointed to the man, “This is Elijah, here was there at the fort you and your companions were at in the south…tis a shame he was the only survivor.” Kirk looked at Elijah, the man had vengeance in his eyes as he glared at Kirk. Elijah looked to Sean and spoke in a slight southern accent, “I want to end him now sir.” Sean waved one of his hands, “Very well, see what you can do.” With that Elijah quickly drew two pistols at his side and opened fired at Kirk.

Kirk’s reflexes didn’t fail him as he ran across the room dodging the bullets from Elijah’s fire-arms. “I can’t fight him at range, I need to close the gap fast or I’ll get picked off,” Kirk thought to himself as he drew his sword. Without hesitation, Kirk turned towards Elijah and ran straight towards him. To much of Kirk’s surprise, Elijah ran towards Kirk while he kept firing his pistols. Luckily for Kirk, his force field mutation was still in effect for several bullets bounced off him and some were deflected by his sword. As they neared each other, Elijah ran out of ammo but before he could reload Kirk had his sword to his throat. “I do not want to kill you Elijah, do not force my hand,” Kirk spoke as he looked Elijah in the eyes. Elijah’s eyes glared, “I’d rather die than surrender to you. I’ll avenge my brothers’ deaths,” with that Elijah dropped his guns and reached for a dagger at his side…but Kirk’s sword was already through his throat before he was half-way. “I’m sorry it came to that Elijah,” Kirk said to the dying soldier. Elijah couldn’t speak due to the blade in his throat but Kirk could tell the sadness in his eyes. “You will see your brothers soon Elijah, may you finally find peace,” Kirk spoke into Elijah’s mind. Elijah looked at Kirk in his final moments and smiled…then passed. “Impressive,” Sean spoke from the far side of the room, “I knew he had no chance against you but still…I had no idea it would be that fast.” Kirk cleaned his blade and stood, “Do not worry, you are next.” Sean looked at Kirk and smiled, “Very well then, it ends today.” Sean reached behind his chair and pulled out a sword, attached the sheathe to the small of his back, drew the katana from the sheathe and readied himself. “Whenever you are ready.”

Kirk charged Sean, blade ready. Sean met Kirk’s sword with his own and smiled, “You’re not the only one who is special here pal,” with that Sean’s sword was wreathed in electricity. Kirk jumped back as the electricity attempted to jump to his sword. Sean sword smacks against the ground, sparks fly in every direction, “Now lets see how you do against one of the elements!” Sean charges, his sword scraping against the ground as he runs towards Kirk. Blades meet, lightning flashes, men fight, and endurance tested. Despite the electricity, Kirk met Sean’s blade cut for cut. After what seemed like hours, both swordsmen grew tired. Sean laughed weakly, “You think you can defeat me? You must be a fool, I will be the one who is victorious!” Kirk looked at Sean, “Then come and prove it.” Sean’s blade met Kirk’s yet again. “You know I’m going to kill them right,” Sean spoke as their blades struggled against the others, “oh, and I’ll make it quite painfully slow as well.” A madman’s smile appeared on Sean’s face as he spoke, but Kirk had heard enough. Kirk took his left hand and punched Sean square in the jaw, knocking him off-balance. Kirk took this moment to disarm him, taking his sword from him forcefully while kicking him to the ground. Sean scrambled up against the glass wall but that stopped as Kirk plunged Sean’s sword into his right shoulder, pinning him against the thick glass. Sean struggled but couldn’t free himself, “You can’t stop me! I will kill you and your family you pathetic worm!” Kirk looked down at his old friend, “That’s it, I’ve heard enough of your endless prattle.” With that Kirk sheathed his blade and placed both his hands against Sean’s temples. Seconds later Kirk began forcing his psyche into Sean’s, downloading his entire being into him…but giving Sean no buffering time. Sean began to scream in pain, “NO! PLEASE STOP! AHHHHH!” Kirk did not stop, even though his nose began to bleed. Kirk did not stop until Sean stopped moving, just a gibbering mess. Kirk looked into Sean’s bleeding eyes, he saw nothing. Kirk then stood up and looked around the room, “They have to be in here somewhere.”

The only door in the room was the one Elijah came from, it had to be the place Kirk’s family was being held. Without delay, Kirk flung open the door to discover…it was just an empty room . “No! No! Where are they?!” Afterwards, Kirk heard laughter from the previous room…it was Sean. “You really are a fool, did you honestly think I’d keep them here?!” Sean’s eyes were still bleeding but Kirk could still see the gleefulness in them at his pain. Kirk glared at Sean, “Well then, where are they?” Sean laughed, “Like I’d tell you even if I knew, you worm.” Kirk sighed, “Then I guess there is no point keeping you alive then,” with that Kirk walked up to Sean, drew back his right foot to his chest then extended it into Sean’s chest. The resulting kick made Sean break through the thick glass wall and plummet to the ground far below. After descending the tower via stairs, since Sean was apparently the power source, Kirk appeared at the tower’s base awhile later. After walking down the street, Kirk came across a car with Sean’s body embedded on top of it after his fall. “Was nice to see you again pal, we should do this some other time.” An hour or so later, Kirk was at the outskirts of Chicago. Not knowing where his family was being held captive, Kirk did the only thing he could…he followed the wind and hoped to run into someone who knew about his family. “My quest continues, to get my family back and go home once and for all…lets hope it’s a short one.”


The Trek Home

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