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Huntsville, Alabama

A seemingly normal, sunny, day turned dark when the entire universe crashed into every other universe in existence. The city of Huntsville, and it’s sub-city of Madison, were frozen in time. Eventually, the military arrived and rescued those they could find, leaving a few people cut off from the rest of the world… this is their story…

After an unknown amount of time, people started unfreezing from time and many, upon learning of their seeming abandonment, began ransacking what remained of the city, including the Arsenal.

In a small building off of the road once known as Slaughter, a small group of friends awoke to find their comic book shop blown open and their bodies changed. Most were physical changes, though some were mental changes. This small group of friends got together some make-shift weapons and headed to one of their own’s house to check in on their other friend, a girl who was home sick the day of the event. What they find, however, was not what they expected.

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