Journal of a Ginger

Scribbles mark around the books old pages as if to test the writing tools

Journal of Kirk: Adventurer of this wasteland

Entry 1:

I have decided to start a log/journal/whatever you wish to call this to keep my mind off other, darker things. Something has happened to Huntsville, possibly even more than just this city. Everything is destroyed that we pass, as if a bomb went off….if only it were that simple. It seems as if some sort of…fallout has occurred or something due to the mutations my companions and I have gone through…I can barely recognize some of them. For some reason I stayed mostly the same and was granted enhanced abilities, I’ve never felt more alive. As usual for our weekend activities, we were at Haven Comics…that is when we all blacked out and whatever it is happened. When we awoke we discovered our mutations and such. For some reason I took charge, along with Michael, and lead the group down to Michael’s house for he wanted to check in on Stef. As we prepared for travel we gathered what weapons we could along with supplies, who knows what could be out there. We encountered some…birds, radioactive birds. They were easy to defeat for the most part. Later we managed to make it to Michael’s house and find Stef, I believe she was in some sort of comatose state…in a tube filled with water of course….at this point I’m just not surprised anymore….oh! also Michael and Stef’s cats were mutated into cat/human things…and could talk, man what a day.

After discussing with the cats, I can’t really remember much (my memory seems to be going fuzzy), they told us we need to head up to New York. We decided to go up there, but Michael decided to stay with Stef, lucky bastard. We traveled for a good while up north, did my best at keeping the group together (regardless of what I think of some, emotions are best out of my mind right now least I let them be known). As we neared the Tennessee River we discovered a…jello lake, of course! Before the lake stood a fortress, a LEGO fortress. In the fortress were confederate soldiers, and they demanded who we were and such. For some reason, I was able to b.s. our way inside the fortress and convince the soldiers we were working for General Lee, thank God for history class. After dropping off our weapons into the fortress, we were ferried across the lake to meet with their general, General Booregard. We waited at the encampment for no less than a couple of minutes before we were ushered into a tent of officers surveying a battle map. After introducing ourselves to the officers, General Booregard revealed himself….he was a chicken, goddamnit. We talked to the general for a while….our b.s. plan seemed to work, for a while that is. But somehow, we were caught and thrown into a prison shack. Luckily we managed to escape the prison and ran for the docks to find a boat to get off this cursed island. Now it’s time to go back to the fortress and get our stuff back.

As Kirk finishes writing the entry, he looks around to make sure no one else is watching him write it down. Confident no know saw him, he closes the book shut and stuffs it into his jacket pocket. Kirk looks out onto the jello lake, the moonlight reflects off of it in a spectacular way. After staring at the jello moon, Kirk looks around at his companions….some more than others, and begins to wonder how this will all go. He then sighs and tries to rest his thoughts away.

Entry 2:

Kirk awakes from his long earned nap aboard the New York bound train. Still recovering from his new Earth powers, he sleepily pulls out his log and lazily writes into it.

Much has happened since that night of the confederate camp escape. We found ourselves aboard this train after some travel, it appears to be destined for New York. On the train, we found what appeared to be a treasure trove of power and tech. The trove had a ‘guardian’ and the guardian asked the group which of us was the leader. I of course stepped forward but I noticed that Jarin, Thomas, and…him had stepped forward as well. The guardian demanded that one of us be named the leader so it held a battle royal between the four of us. Jarin and Thomas seemed to have an agreement to work together, I did my best to fuck that up (what a fool I was). While I battled Thomas, Jarin attacked the other (who was just sitting there waiting for someone to get close to him). I knocked out Thomas and Jarin got knocked out as well….it was just me and him then. Unfortunately, fate seemed to gift him with immunity to physical damage…so he won. After my defeat, the guardian let us choose between a plethora of powers. After everyone choose theirs we moved on from the train…no one seemed to care about the new leader and stuff, or how the losers felt….but it’s understandable, could have split the group and we didn’t need that then.

After traversing the train for some time, we ran into confederate soldiers…and that damn chicken again! The chicken seemed to be driving a car…it was The General Lee!!! (it had guns on it, of course it did). We managed to defeat all the soldiers and dodge The Lee’s fire here and there. After the fight I stayed behind because I healed everyone with my power….so….exhausted still. Hope they won’t leave me here though, rather not die on a stinking train.

As Kirk finished writing in his log, the train started shaking. Kirk closed the book, stood up and looked around.

Sigh “What’s happening now? Earthquake? Raiders? End of the World again?” Over the rattling of the train, Kirk heard foot-falls heading towards him…and they were coming fast. Kirk drew his sword and readied himself. The train car door slid open and an injured Boo-regard(the chicken) ran through the train. Without hesitation, Kirk sliced his sword through the chicken with ease, Boo-regard hit the ground hard. After cleaning his blade, Kirk examined Boo-regard. He was barely alive. Kirk kicked him hard in the side. “Goddamn chicken.” Suddenly the train jerked violently, almost throwing Kirk off the train if he hadn’t of braced himself against a rail. “Warrior, you must jump,” a voice suddenly said behind Kirk. Kirk whirled around to discover the guardian hovering a few feet behind him. Kirk looked at the guardian confusingly, “Jump, why would I do that? I have to wait for my friends.” The guardian shook her head, “There is no time warrior, you’re companions will be safe I assure you…just jump off this accursed train before it’s to late.” The guardian’s eyes seemed to almost water as she stated her sentence. Kirk, believing the guardian, gathered up his gear and prepared to jump. Kirk slid open the side door to the train, the ground was racing by at an alarming rate. Kirk looked back to the guardian who nodded to him, “Go warrior, your journey does not end on this train or on the ground below. Trust me. You will accomplish much.” Kirk nodded to the guardian and ran to the door, and the outside world. As he ran to the door, Kirk scooped up Boo-regard and jumped with the chicken out first. Kirk braced for impact with the ground. It came hard and fast. Kirk and Boo-regard landed hard, Boo-regards bones cracked all over as rocks and hard dirt smacked against it. Kirk tumbled with the lifeless chicken for a few seconds until he rolled to a stop. Kirk managed to catch one last glimpse of the train before it….faded away. With a sigh, Kirk stood up, dusted off his clothes, grabbed Boo-regard, and started walking towards New York….hopefully his friends will be waiting for him.

Journal of a Ginger

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